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05 October 2008

Reader: 'Please Keep The Heat On CNBC'


From a reader
of this thoroughly fledgling site:

Great points regarding CNBC's off the charts gloom and doom reporting. Also it is certainly left of center. And totally left of center if not for Joe, Charlie and Larry.

The thing that drives me crazy is John Harwood's reporting. It always comes from the Democratic prospective. He is so far in the tank for Obama and the Democratic machine that it is over the top.

As you can tell, I'm a heavy viewer of CNBC but have been trying to move more to FBC. However, the pace of their program and the personalities are a little bit slower and need livening up. However CNBC's Liz Clayman is terrific and my preferred station when she is on.

Please keep the heat on CNBC. Maybe the problems are at the top because Zucker is an activist lib.

--- S Lewis

S, agreed on Harwood's reporting, it's outrageously tilted toward the Obama camp. He's become hard to endure and blurs any distinction between CNBC and MSNBC.

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